Cricket Batting Tips to Improve Bowling Cricket Batting tips can be a little difficult if you are new to the game, but once you understand how to hit a ball, you will never stop hitting. Cricket Batting tips are not limited to the top players but should be implemented by all players to give themselves the best chance of becoming better players. If you want to improve your bowling technique then it's essential to improve your batting technique as well. It's important to train and warm up properly to prevent injury and help avoid any injuries. Grip the Bat - A fun way to improve your batting is by practicing in the nets. This will also help you with your downswing and blacklist and will help you increase your confidence as well. If you are serious about improving your batting and bowling techniques then you may want to spend some time trying out different batting positions. When you are batting at number three, for example, try to bat at number two. Once you have warmed up correctly in your batting position and started your stroke, try to practice the ball on the deck and practise your stroke as much as possible. Don't feel that just because you are playing a lower order position that you don't have to work on your strokes, but there are more chances for you to improve it through this technique. Bowling techniques are a little different, but can still be improved with bowling lessons. If you want to improve your bowling, it is essential to practice your bowling techniques and bowl the same technique repeatedly to build up your confidence. If you find your strokes are coming a little bit easier then you may want to try bowling a longer ball. There are some ways you can improve your bowling, but if you want to make a real difference and take your game to another level then you will need to spend some time training and learning a few bowling techniques.