New Race Management Tools! Trapezoid Courses, Penalty Flags, and Preparation Checklists. Race Director "Lite". Setting the starting line. Race committee "lite". 6-week course, "Welcome to Racing". Week 1 - Introduction to Racing Rules & Regulations. Week 2 - Planning for the Races. Race Planning. "Lite" course for preparing race program. Race Day Strategy Meets. Week 3 - Race Planning Review. Week 4 - Race Management Tools. Race Program Review. Race Manager review and planning. Week 5 - Race Management Tools. Week 6 - Race Management Tools Review. Race Manager, Race Planning & Race Management Tool Pack. Race Program Review. Week 7 - Race Management Tools Review. Week 10 - Race Management Tools Review. Race Management Toolkit. Week 11 - Race Management Tools Review. Race Planning Review. Week 12 - Race Management Tools Review. I have always felt that Race Management Tools are important in any sport I have always felt that Race Management Tools are important in any sport. The only question is whether they should be a part of a racing plan or as an extra. I do not agree with that view. Race Management Tools are absolutely essential and it's well worth spending the time on them to ensure they are right for your sport. There is very little point in getting a race management tool kit without using it because you will be wasting time and money. Racing has become more complex and technical than it was even a decade ago. You cannot just pick up a racing strategy book, look through it at the races and start using it. It requires a level of skill and experience and knowledge. In other words, you need to know the ins and outs of what you are doing. As you go along, you need to keep improving, which is a good reason to use racing software. I used to think that you just had to use track-management software as a backup and as a last resort. That way you had everything you ever needed to make your race day go smoothly. Well, I now realize that this is not necessarily true. Racing software now allows you to run the whole race day with all the racing strategies that you need. You can be up and running the next morning, making sure everything is going OK. When I'm racing it is all about efficiency and not making errors. Race management tools allow you to go from point A to B and back again with ease, which is what racing is all about.