Semi Naked Butlers in the Buff and more! A new show on PBS showcases the life of the butler, as well as other entertainment, along with the history and customs of the eighteenth century. The show, starring Jason Priestley as a young George Washington, is one of many shows about Washington that are featured on the network. There are also shows about his political career, as well as a documentary on the Revolution. Priestley's Washington is a young man with his family, including his two adopted daughters, who are about to enter into public life as a married couple. He will take over the Washington household from George Washington (Joe Mantegna), who was elected king of America after the Revolutionary War. After Washington becomes king, he decides to run for reelection but fails. Instead, he goes into business with his sister Mary (Jessica Walter) and his brother John (James Cromwell). John Witherspoon plays Washington's brother, John. John Witherspoon plays Washington's brother, John. He's a great character as a young, ambitious, and headstrong man. His wife, Martha (Dana Barron), on the other hand, is also a great character, having gone through a great deal of loss and has been through much in her life. She's a strong, independent woman who is no shrinking violet. She also has a young son named John Witherspoon (Peter Dinklage), who is a member of the revolutionary army. Nancy Murphy is an actress that has appeared in several films and television shows over the years. She has always played strong, independent women, and this one seems to be no different. Her Washington is a man who doesn't shy away from confrontation, and he isn't afraid to get his way. Murphy is great at portraying strength and resilience. Buckeye, a character played by Tom Wilkinson, is the owner of the buffbodybutlers in which the story takes place. Wilkinson's Washington is a tavern owner and bouncer. He and his friend are caught in a rowdy situation, where they try to help the other out by trying to clean up. Buckeye take charge. Although he initially gets angry at the brawling, he realizes his mistake later and does his part, in order to keep everyone calm. Buckeye is a tough, confident man. He is also the owner of a tavern. There is a great deal of humor in his character, which helps the characters connect with each other. as he is constantly trying to keep things running smoothly. Even though there are some scenes in which the comedy becomes overbearing, it never loses its humor.