The Importance of Marketing to Your BusinessMarketing is essentially profitably by knowing and understanding the needs of customers and those who can easily pay for a recurring, or at least a long-term, stream of sales or service placement. For example, the New York Times recently described it as "a field of art where money has been lost. In many areas, advertising is regarded as the sole means of support." And in its description, it also mentioned that the business models in place now often don't allow for this type of marketing. It said that marketing should become a tool for business owners and not a hindrance. While it is true that successful business owners do not necessarily need to have a marketing degree or a special skill set, but the fact remains that they need to understand how and why they are using their marketing strategies and what motivates their customers to buy more from them. When a customer buys from you and goes on to repeat the purchase to others, you gain income. This is called a return on investment (ROI) and you should aim for the highest ROI achievable by your business. Marketing should be your guiding light and not something else. Marketing can be used as a tool, but marketing is about the customer - and how you can serve the customer best and get them to spend more time with you. So what's the best way to help your customers see that you value them and will listen to their needs? Use marketing to get in front of the customer with a message that resonates with them, and then develop a marketing plan that helps them understand what their options are. In today's world, marketing is more than just a method for getting new clients in the door and more customers in the door. Marketing today also encompasses more advanced forms of online promotion, more advanced forms of customer service and more advanced forms of advertising. The marketing plan you develop should be able to meet these needs, but it also must be able to make a profit in today's marketplace. And when you have a profitable marketing strategy, you will know that you are doing everything possible to get more customers into your store or into your website.