How to Setup Kodi Stalker Client with IPTV IPTV Installation Instructions for Kodi 17 TO 17.3 Krypton   Download and install Kodi on your device Open Kodi Select TV Select Enter add-on Browser Scroll down and select Stalker Client Then select Configure which will take you to the General Tab Click Portal 1 or whichever portal you want to configure. (Ensure that the active Portal # is selected under the General Tab Select MAC  ADDRESS and enter the Mac Address you were provided with. Click OK Then select Server Address and enter the Server URL we provided ( eg: ) Click OK Go back then select Enable Your Channels will start to Load in the TV Guide Section in Kodi if Stalker client fails to load and you get “Authentication Failed” error, reset Kodi settings to default and try entering all the information again carefully as provided. for more information please visit